Fairfield Bay hotel, conference center to be under same management

DMC International LLC, the owner and manager of Cobblestone Inn and Suites which opened early last year, has entered a long-term lease agreement with the City of Fairfield Bay and will assume management of the Fairfield Bay Conference Center.

Ginger Simpson, director of operations for DMC International, said this is an exciting time for the city and the two properties, which are located adjacent to each other and have been considered by visitors as one campus since the hotel opened. 

“This is going to streamline the operation of the hotel and conference center and begin to build new venues to bring in additional business. The ‘merger’ will mean that groups who use the conference center and book the neighboring hotel for accommodations will experience seamless processes on a single campus,” she said.

Ed Carroll, president of DMC International, said the company expects to make “significant enhancements” to revitalize the conference center. “We plan to use our resources and relationships to improve the conference center’s amenities, with focus on small to mid-size gatherings. The City of Fairfield Bay will no longer have to pay overhead fees affiliated with managing the conference center and will collect lease revenue. These changes will generate an increase in tax revenue for the city as well,” Carroll said.

Wilba Thompson, director of the Fairfield Bay Conference Center, said she expects the improvements will make Fairfield Bay more compelling and competitive when event planners and individuals are scouting venues to host a gathering.  She said between the two entities they already have so much to offer – from the outstanding dining, spa and guest rooms at the hotel, to the 4,800-sqaure-foot great room, executive board room, Performing Arts Center and multi-level party deck at the conference center. “Bringing the two together to operate as one is ideal,” Thompson said.

Carroll, too, called the agreement a win-win. “We have a vested interest in this area, and we want the best for all involved. There won’t be any immediate changes, but we are looking to simplify processes and eventually – perhaps in about 12 months – transition completely to operating both properties as a single, cohesive unit,” he said.