ERA Henley Real Estate begins 2014 with new owners

As of Jan. 1, Mark and Tracy Tidwell are the new owners of ERA Henley Real Estate in Conway.

Richard Henley, previous owner, said, “I am excited about Mark and Tracy’s vision to take the company to the next level and I am excited to work in a new direction with my real estate career.”

Mark and Tracy Tidwell begin ownership of ERA Henley Real Estate with years of real estate experience. Tracy began working in real estate in 2000. She has served previously as executive broker and now is principal broker for ERA Henley Real Estate.

Mark began working with Tracy in real estate in 2009 and works with buyers and the marketing team. “We have an increasing desire to help other agents grow their business and share with them what we have learned,” said Tracy. “ERA’s main focus has always been technology, training and the sharing of ideas. Our local office follows suit with an atmosphere of cooperation and idea sharing. We know as the market changes our agents have to be prepared to lead the way.”

ERA Henley Real Estate was founded in 1974 by Richard Longing with the name Dick Longing Real Estate. Richard Henley got his real estate license in 1993 and then purchased the business, renaming the company Henley-Longing Real Estate. In 2002 Henley joined ERA and changed the company name to ERA Henley Real Estate. Henley successfully grew the company from $12-$15 million in annual sales to more than $69 million dollars in annual sales in 2013.

Henley is staying with the new company, focusing in 2014 on buyers and sellers and opening a real estate school at 1600 Dave Ward Drive, Conway.

Henley said, “I am looking forward to starting the real estate school in Conway and continuing to work as an agent using the excellent tools and systems that ERA offers their real estate professionals.”

Looking toward the future, Mark said, “The first order of business is updating the office to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s real estate agents. The community is invited to come by the office at 1600 Dave Ward Drive, Suite A-7 and see the changes taking place and enjoy a cup of coffee in our new lounge.”