Enjoying the Husky life

Story and photos
by Callie Sterling

Longtime couple Lacy Flurry and Matt Maggio of Conway have found that owning pets makes life a little richer. Together, the couple has added two lively Siberian Huskies to their small family. Tod and Gus are the couple’s top priority.

“When you own a pet, your life becomes instantly more important,” Flurry said. “You have someone depending on you and only you; it’s a special bond that only you have with your pet.”

Maggio decided Flurry needed a canine companion and gifted her with her new best friend, Tod, on her 17th birthday.

“My favorite thing about Tod is his friendship,” Flurry said. “He has been with Matt and I for seven out of the eight years that we’ve been together. I love that he’s been a huge part of our journey together.”

Gus was the unexpected “little brother” that Tod unwillingly received for his sixth birthday.

“Gus is from Center Ridge, and we got him for Tod for his sixth birthday present,” Flurry said. “Tod was not too happy about getting a little brother for a birthday gift. My favorite thing about Gus is his spirit. That dog has so much love for us, and those big blue eyes make you feel happy on the worst days.”

The couple was drawn to the breed because of the physical traits that they saw in Tod.

“We chose Tod because of how cute he was,” Maggio said. “After our Basset Hound passed away, we knew we wanted to get another dog for Tod to play with. After learning more about Huskies and because of how much we love Tod, we decided to get Gus.”

Although physically similar, the pair of Huskies could not be more different when it comes to their personalities.

“Tod is basically a cat,” Flurry said. “He doesn’t bark or play fetch, but he loves to give kisses and loves to cuddle. We call Tod the old man around the house because in dog years, he’s way older than all of us.”

Gus is a playful young dog that enjoys playing fetch and picking on his older brother.

“Gus is all dog and puppy. He plays and picks on Tod all day long. He could play fetch until his legs fall off. We love his energy.”

Both agree that being pet parents has changed their lives for the better. They feel a sense of community amongst other pet owners and belong to a free Husky club on Facebook: “Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle ~ Arkansas.” The group hosts play dates for Huskies and their owners throughout Central Arkansas.

“Another reason why I love owning a pet is the community that comes with it,” Flurry said. “From our vet, to the Facebook Husky group, to our neighbors and special pet events, owning a pet is a great way to get plugged into our community and connect with other pet lovers.”

Flurry and Maggio give credit to their pets for their active lifestyle.

“We have become those obsessive dog parents to these two pups,” Flurry said. “Most of my conversations I have with people lead to me telling them about Tod and Gus. We take them on daily walks, but we have also become more adventurous trying to keep them fit. We like going on hikes or canoeing all around Central Arkansas, and we take our dogs.”

To follow Tod and Gus on their canine adventures, find them on Instagram @taleoftwohuskies.

“We love sharing all their quirky, sweet and even troublesome moments,” Flurry said.

Flurry believes that owning a pet brings joy to a person’s life, and anyone considering becoming a pet owner should stop hesitating and find the perfect furry friend.

“If you’re thinking about getting a pet, I would encourage you to go for it,” Flurry said. “There’s much more of an upside to owning one than not. You’d be surprised how much they make your life more joyful and full of purpose.”