Energy Smart: Do the math with energy calculators

Conway Corporation’s Energy Smart program is now offering online energy audits and energy calculators to help customers estimate energy use costs and find opportunities for savings.

Based on personalized information, customers can view a comprehensive report of their residential energy usage and discover cost-saving recommendations.

Home energy calculator

This calculator will provide a home’s personalized energy costs based on information from the customer while allowing you to perform various energy-saving scenarios to pinpoint opportunities for savings. Simply answer a few easy questions about your home and learn where your energy dollars are going, what long-term investments you can make to lower energy costs and the environmental impact of your energy use.

Appliance calculator

How much does it really cost to use the appliances in your home? This calculator gives you a quick way to get a feel for what your home’s appliances cost to operate on an annual and monthly basis.

Lighting calculator

Compare the purchase price and cost to operate compact fluorescent lamps versus incandescent lights. This calculator takes into account the cost of each light bulb and the number of lamps in your home while calculating the savings over a monthly, yearly and 10-year period.

Home energy library

Want to know more about energy efficiency? Browse through hundreds of pages of topics including meters, energy fundamentals, energy audits, energy improvements, insulation, ventilation and more. You can also learn how to read your electric meter and electric bill.

Interactive energy home

This graphically rich and interactive house is a virtual library to learn how your home’s systems use energy and identify the best opportunities for savings and home improvements.

Fundamentals of electricity

Learn how the electric utility industry generates and delivers power to customers covering basics, delivery, safety and generation.

Kids Korner

Kids Korner creates a rich, kid-friendly environment to facilitate energy education with everything from energy-themed games to teacher lesson plans. 


To learn more about energy efficiency or explore these free applications, visit and click on the Energy Smart quick link.