Editor’s Note October ’18: Happy, healthy and wise

This month, 501 LIFE is all about “Health and Wellness.”

Like so many things, our health is typically something we take for granted until something really bad happens to us, a family member or friend.

Fortunately, we have people like healthcare professionals Carolyn Garrett and Susan Gatto in the 501 who are making a difference in the care of others. 

As a breast cancer survivor, Carolyn has a neat perspective and is lending a hand to those she encounters at CARTI. She told 501 LIFE contributor Dwain Hebda, “I’ll tell you, cancer changes you and not necessarily for the bad,” she said. “It just changes the way you look at things, the way you do things. Things that used to be a priority, no more are a priority. It just changes you whether you want it to or not.”

501 LIFE publishers Sonja Keith (from left) and Donna Spears were presented with a certificate of appreciation from Renewal Ranch representatives James Loy and Bryce McGhee for their support of the drug addiction recovery ministry. “What an honor to be recognized by our friends at Renewal Ranch,” said Sonja.

Carolyn has such wise words for all of us.

Like Carolyn, Susan has a big heart for helping others and is using her talents to lead the University of Central Arkansas School of Nursing, which is training students for the healthcare profession. What an important role at a time when there is a significant shortage of nurses.

Susan’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. She was named Arkansas’s Nurse Educator of the Year in 2018. According to her nomination, she “has literally helped to prepare over 1,000 nurses who practice and contribute to shaping healthcare in the state of Arkansas. Her consistent investment in nursing students across the years and her dedication to creating an environment conducive for students is unmatched.”

What an honor to feature both Carolyn and Susan in this month’s edition. We applaud all that they do to help those in need in the 501.

With a focus on health, may we offer some suggestions:

• Early detection is a key in battling any type of cancer or illness. Only you know your body. For women, monthly breast self-exams and regular mammograms are very important.

• If something seems off, seek medical attention. If that little voice inside of you tells you something is still not right, seek another opinion. You must be your own advocate.

• Faith, family and friends are so important when battling a health concern. If you know someone with the illness, don’t just offer help. Find something that needs to be done – like mowing the lawn or picking up groceries – and just do it. Too many times, individuals are focused on their treatment and/or too tired to ask for help.

Until next month, here’s to “Loving LIFE” in the 501.