E-waste drive at Jim Stone Elementary

Jim Stone Elementary School invites parents, students and community members to help make their school more “green” during a special event 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 26.

The school will host an e-waste drive, as well as a bicycle rodeo and a school-wide workday focused on landscaping.

Kids are invited to bring their bikes for a bike “rodeo” in the school’s north parking lot, while parents work on mulching flower beds, trimming hedges and planting trees around the school.

Anything with a cord can be dropped off for free e-waste collection in the front of the school.

School leaders say focusing on each of these areas will help prioritize a greener school and community. “We are thrilled to partner with the U.S. Green Buildings Council, Lowe’s and our PTO in this endeavor,” said principal Mark Lewis. “It is another example of how our students, parents and staff work tirelessly with local organizations to better the environment and community, while teaching our students to have strong character.”

Experts say electronic waste is the world’s fastest growing waste problem, and electronics contain environmentally sensitive materials that are harmful to the earth’s landfills.

They hope that by teaching kids to ride bikes instead of using vehicular transportation, they can decrease individual carbon footprints and reduce gas emissions.

They add that having kids plant trees and flowers will not only teach them about photosynthesis, but could help absorb heat and provide shade on the playground while the kids play outside during recess.

"Promoting these practices among the students now will help get them into the mindset for them to grow into great stewards and assets to the community,” said Brandon Ruhl, Green Schools Committee chair.