501 Life Magazine | Downtown Delicious Eateries
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By Donna J. Spears

Eat to live or live to eat? Either way, in Downtown Conway you have choices and lots of them. It’s a new day in Conway. Drive down any street, prominently standing or hidden away in a quaint, refurbished building you will find a restaurant that will suit your taste. Casual or eloquent, the choice is yours.


Blackwood’s Gyro’s
Lindsey’s BBQ & Grill
Bob’s Grill
Gina’s Jewell
La Huerta Mexican Restaurant
Mike’s Place
Pia’s Fine Italian Dining
Quizno’s Subs
Something Brewing
Larry’s Pizza

Ask Bobby French, a Faby’s regular what his favorite item on the menu is, and you get more than one. “I would recommend the fajita taco salad or the penne spaghetti with meat sauce. Top that off with the complimentary dessert, and you have a delicious meal.”

A landmark in Conway, Bob’s Grill still has some of the best fried chicken around. If you only have a minute to grab a bite you can have a plate filled in a matter of minutes, choosing from the eatery’s daily smorgasbord. Kevin Clark and others are sure to frequent Bob’s Grill at least once a week.

Are you hungry for Mexican? Charlie Crossman recommends LaHuerta Mexican Restaurant. According to Charlie the food is awesome, and a popular dish to try is the enchilada supreme. The service is superfast, as the waiters run from table to table. For food and entertainment let this be your next stop.

According to an unknown source, Shorty’s reportedly has the best cheeseburger in the 501 area. You can’t have a cheeseburger without an extra thick (bazillion calorie) vanilla milkshake. Don’t plan on working the remainder of the day. You will surely want a nap after such a feast.

If you want to consume some great-tasting pizza, just ask Tonya Plymale and her banker friends for recommendations. At Larry’s Pizza if you can imagine it, they can make it, and Tonya and her friends have sampled it. Tonya is impressed by the service. When the pizza parade is in full swing, you will not go away hungry.

Zachariah McCannon prefers lunch at Pia’s for only $5. According to Zachariah, you get a nice serving of spaghetti with huge chunks of meat. For a little extra, add a loaf of homemade bread. Yummy!

Don’t forget Something Brewing. A bagel with cream cheese first thing in the morning will get you going in no time. Add to that a cup of hot chocolate and you are good to go. Head back for lunch and have a bowl of soup. You can dine on the deck, and chat it up with friends in a relaxed setting. A nice break in the day!

Follow your nose to one of these great downtown eateries.

We are anxious for our list to include Old Chicago Pizzeria and Doe’s Eat Place. Two more great places that add to our “Downtown Delicious Eateries.”

Now there are some challenges. Where to park and where to eat? You can find a parking place. You just have to be creative, or willing to walk a few steps.

As a new member of the downtown area, I have certainly given the above mentioned restaurants a workout. It’s some place new everyday for my business partners and me, and I can say we have not been disappointed in the food at any establishment.

Give them a try. You will make them – and Downtown Conway – a regular on your list of favorites.