Dining at ‘the beautiful moon’

La Bella LUNA (“the beautiful moon”) is located in Downtown Conway at 915 Front St.

I can testify, firsthand, of my favorite item on the menu. It’s called the Pollo Pasta — sautéed chicken breast with fresh garlic, basil, tossed in a pink tomato sauce and served over penne pasta.  It arrives to the table beautifully presented — and will delight the palate with a touch of sherry and crushed red pepper seasoning.

It’s worth the trip to La Bella LUNA.

The owner and chef is Bruno Begiri. Bruno is no stranger to many 501 LIFE residents. One of his “claims to culinary fame” is well established with his former restaurant, Amore. While cooking there, Bruno garnered the four star award from the Arkansas Times for his rich and delicious creations.

Bruno makes his own butters, breads, soups and sauces daily. For those who prefer being served, this restaurant does not offer a buffet — Bruno wants you to enjoy the entire relaxed dining experience  and this applies even at lunchtime.

La Bella LUNA is open for lunch — and the guest can be in and out in a short time. Many daily specials are in the $6.95 price range. 

What will you try? Penne Pomodora (sautéed with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil and olive oil over penne pasta) or Baked Ziti (pasta tossed with meat sauce and three cheeses; baked in the oven) or maybe Putanesca (fresh garlic, basil, fresh tomatoes, onion, capers and black olives in a spicy marinara sauce over pasta). The naming of this particular sauce comes from Naples — named in recognition of the “ladies of the night” to incite the “spicy” flavors of this sauce!

Bruno also offers home-cooked desserts, his signature being Chocolate Cream Brule! 

Did I fail to mention the steaks, or that Bruno plans to open on Sundays in the near future? There is also a kids menu, so pack up the family and try La Bella LUNA – another one of the exciting dining options within the 501 LIFE area.