Dazzle Daze 'a great success'

by Sonja J. Keith

Organizers of the 10th annual Dazzle Daze presented $60,000 in proceeds to the Conway Regional Health System.

The presentation was made last week at the Conway Regional Women’s Council quarterly luncheon at the Centennial Special Events Center.

“The 10th anniversary was a great success,” said Marla Hambuchen, special events coordinator at Conway Regional.

Comparing the first Dazzle Daze with the tenth, Hambuchen said there were 51 merchants the first year with $10,000 donated to Conway Regional. The 2011 event had 96 merchants with $60,000 donated.

Event co-chairmen Debbie Clark and Jayme Jeane expressed their appreciation to Dazzle Daze sponsors, volunteers and those who attended. “It was the best year in every aspect,” Jeane said. “It was just an exciting event all the way around.”

Jim Lambert, president and CEO at Conway Regional, accepted the Dazzle Daze donation on behalf of the health system. He thanked the women’s council members for their hard work and efforts on Dazzle Daze, which supports Conway Regional’s mission of providing high quality healthcare. “Conway Regional is grateful for your support,” he said.

Dazzle Daze proceeds will be used for the Conway Regional Health Foundation’s ONE campaign, a medical scholarship and a financial assistance program for medically needed individuals to join the Conway Regional Health & Fitness Center.

Also at the luncheon:

Dr. Jay Howell of Conway Ortho and Sports Medicine made a presentation on common hand problems and their treatment.

Shelia Whitmore, president of the women’s council, announced the 2012 steering committee: Stacia Adams, Janie Childress, Debbie Clark, Rebecca Cronk, Jennifer Cunningham, Sue Dablock, Beth Fahr, Julie Finley, Lisa Gamble, Kim Gullic, Marla Hambuchen, Jennifer Hill, Kelly Hillis, Sonja Keith, Helen Lockhart, DeEnna Norwine, Carol Patty, Michelle Phillips, Lori Quinn, Amy Reed, Mitzi Reynolds, Leslie Rhoades, Lori Ross, Dot Welch, Lindsay Wygal and Kathy Wyrick.