Daniel Pipes to speak at Hendrix College

Daniel Pipes will present a lecture titled “Judaism & Islam in Today’s World at 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 27, at Worsham Hall at Hendrix College.

Pipes is director of the Middle East Forum and Taube distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University. He received his A.B. and Ph.D. from Harvard University, both in history, and spent six years studying abroad, including three years in Egypt.

He has taught at the University of Chicago, Harvard University, the U.S. Naval War College, and Pepperdine University. He served in various capacities in the U.S. government, including two presidentially-appointed positions, vice chairman of the Fulbright Board of Foreign Scholarships and board member of the U.S. Institute of Peace.

He has also been recognized as one of Harvard University’s 100 most influential living graduates.

The lecture is presented by the Crain-Maling Center of Jewish Culture. For more information, contact director Ellen Kirsch at [email protected].