Curves makes much needed food donation to Bethlehem House

Last week, the food pantry at the Bethlehem House in Conway reached very low levels.

Conway Curves owner Annette Sullinger brought in a much needed food donation. The Curves food donation will bring the pantry supplies up enough to supply food boxes for several days.

The food was donated by existing Curves members, or in lieu of a joining fee for new Curves members. Curves has a consistent history of making donations to Bethlehem House and encourages other local businesses to do the same.

Bethlehem House is supported mainly by local churches, businesses, organizations, schools and individuals.

To help feed the hungry, you can drop non-perishable donations by the shelter at 930 Faulkner Street just off the corner of Caldwell and Faulkner. Current shortages include: canned fruits, chili, ravioli, meats and fish, as well as peanut butter, breakfast cereals, rice and pasta.