Crowned by the King

by Kiera Ester

Judi James has developed a different perspective regarding fashionable jewelry. Her inner desire to make a difference and devout love for Christ have birthed her necklace ministry into a powerful message for many women. 

The Crowned by the King ministry was started by James in 2010, a few years after receiving a crown necklace at a women’s conference at New Life Church. James had no idea what kind of impact the necklace would have on her life and the lives of countless other women.

James, who is a stay-at-home mom and a part-time speech-language pathologist, moved to Conway in 1992 from Harrison. It was at the University of Central Arkansas where she met her husband, David, who James refers to as her biggest support system. The couple has three children – Reagan, Gavin and Garrett.

James wanted to start a ministry that would give people the opportunity to share the Word of God and His love in a unique and creative way. She refers to the necklace as “an easy way to spread the message” and models Mark 16:15. 

“The purpose of the necklace is to let women across the globe know that they are a princess, a daughter of the King,” James said.

James says that the necklace should be a constant reminder of inner beauty and God’s purpose of sharing His love with others. James refers to the necklace as being “annointed” in that when she is out, she receives several compliments from different women, which gives her the opportunity to share the necklace and the message.

James shared the story of going to a restaurant one night with her husband and a waitress complimented her on the crown that she had around her neck. She then took off the necklace and gave it to the waitress, who in turn, fell speechless.

“This is how the necklace works,” James said. 

Once a person is given a crown necklace, they are in turn supposed to bless another woman with the necklace and keep the cycle going. 

James provides a guide on her website for the opportunities to share the necklace and message. The compliment opportunity, the need opportunity, the friend or family member opportunity and a women’s event or retreat are examples of the ways that James says the necklaces can be distributed. When someone receives the necklace, they abide by the same guide of circulation.

However, the necklace and ministry have been shared in far more ways than just the guided circulation. The ministry has donated time and necklaces to Arkansas Angels, Missouri Angels Pageant, Conway Christian School, Cradle Care of Arkansas and 19 Kids and Counting. The ministry has also spread to 25 states and seven countries. 

James is a strong believer that God is continuing to work in her life and use her as a vessel to bless other women. She models her ministry in the idea of “paying it forward,” and her testimony is simply shared by the crown she wears around her neck. 

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