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by Don Bingham

The story began through the friendship established with a cultural and educational exchange program between two families. From the classroom in Korea to the classroom in Cabot, the end result was the opening of KOPAN – a delightful restaurant offering the combination of Korean and Japanese cuisine.

Karen Turner and Linda Jung are the owners and operators, with Linda serving as the main chef. 

The décor – from artwork to the dishes – are all from Korea. Guests are greeted in a family-friendly atmosphere with oriental flare and charm. After being seated, guests enjoy the host arriving to the table with a small dish of mini cloth rolls. As hot water is poured over rolls, they expand for your own personal hand-washing convenience.  KOPAN has been open for a year and the menu is exquisite. Bulgogi and Sushi are regulars in the extensive menu; we enjoyed asparagus rolled in thinly-sliced chicken breast in KOPANS spicy sauce, California Sushi, a salad with an incredible ginger dressing and a plate of delectable desserts – Crème Brule, Sweet Potato Cream and Red Bean Sorbet! 

The first delicacy that appeared at our table was a combination sushi of war salmon, scallops, carrots, cheese and deep fried salmon – all topped with a delicate eel sauce served on a large round flower-like tray.

Chef Linda has four cooks to assist in all the “hands-on” intricate cooking. The teriyaki sauce has 30 ingredients and is a “secret-ingredient” family-cherished sauce that adorns many of the KOPAN dishes. One assistant, Frank Han, has 15 years of experience as Sushi chef; and Cheong Ju from South Korea also serves as a Sous Chef.

KOPAN has a license to serve a nice array of alcoholic beverages and, of course, Sake by the carafe or bottle.
You might try the IKEBUKURO or the KOPPONGI or the SHINAGAWA….whatever you decide, KOPAN will offer a delightful dining experience – right in the middle of Downtown Cabot.


    Address:    1701 W. Main St. Cabot   
    Phone:    501.843.8898   
    Hours:    Lunch 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
        Dinner 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.