Couples: Robbie and Nikki Martinez

Nikki Martinez  

Native of: Chicago. 

Where did you grow up: All over Arkansas. 

Education: Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Central Baptist College. 

Job: CEO of the Martinez household. 

Parents: Diana Vasquez of Elgin, Ill., and Jason McCloy of Conway. 

Community activities: YoungLives and Cradle Care, both organizations for teen mothers. 

Church activities: Proud member at Conway First Baptist. 

Hobbies/special interests: I love to make nothing in to something, so lots of arts and crafts. I believe that family and friends are everything, so I try to make as much time as possible for these people that God has given me.  

How would you describe yourself: I love my family more than anything, and I strive to be a great mother and even better wife. I am passionate about parenting, psychology and my family. To be the best person I can be, I build my life around God, and he makes me who I am. 

Favorite restaurant in the 501: Colton’s, Faby’s, Cross Creek Sandwich Shop. 

Most enjoyed weekend activity: Just hanging out with my boys.

Favorite quote: “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” — William Shakespeare

What do you love about living in the 501: I love how everyone is so nice and fun loving, especially the fact that we wave at everyone even if you don’t know them.


John Robert Martinez

Native of: Conway. 

Education: Bachelor of science degree in organizational management.

Job: I work for Centerpoint Energy as a service technician. 

Parents: Thomas and Wendy Budnick of Conway. 

Community activities: Conway First Baptist, volunteering for YoungLives and Cradle Care. I basically help anyway I can when Nik says they need help. 

Church activities: Conway First Baptist member.

Hobbies/special interests: Physical fitness (swimming, lifting weights, running), nutrition, golfing, racquetball, landscaping/yard work; I’ve also been known to play a few video games.

How would you describe yourself: I think of myself as an easy going yet determined individual. I work hard, and when times allows, take advantage of my time off to spend it with family and friends as much as possible. I see humor in everything, sometimes embarrassingly so. My greatest task is to serve God, my family and others. 

Favorite restaurant in the 501: Colton’s, Old Chicago, Stoby’s, China Town, Cross Creek.

Most enjoyed weekend activity: I really enjoy the outdoors, so I would have to say it’s camping. I have some great memories of fishing, hiking, swimming and sitting around the campfire. I usually end up getting a shot for poison ivy after each outing, but it’s worth it.

Favorite quote: “Every person you meet knows something you don’t; learn from them.” — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

What do you love about living in the 501: I really like how most of my family lives in the 501. I’m also not a big city kind of guy, and Conway is a great place to live for the “small” town mindset. In addition, I really like the proximity to outdoor activities like biking/hiking trails, lakes and camp areas.


City: Conway. 

How we met: We met in the 10th grade. 

The proposal: While at his parents’ house, I was washing my face and couldn’t find a towel. When I asked him for one, he handed me a ring. 

Wedding bells: March 15, 2008, in our church at Conway First Baptist. 

Children: Hayden (6) and Liam (11 months). 

Pets: Love our Great Danes, Pluto and Persephone. 

Family activities enjoyed together: Running, walking our dogs, game nights and jokes at the dinner table.