Couples: Don and Nancy Bingham

Don and Nancy Bingham have been special friends to 501 LIFE since it launched 10 years ago. Don serves on the Faulkner County Editorial Board for 501 LIFE and is a regular contributor.

(Mike Kemp photo)

HIM   Don Bingham

Native of: Huntsville, Ala.

Where did you grow up: Huntsville.

Education: Bachelor of arts in communication, with further study at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Job: Former administrator of the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion.

Community activities: Board member of the Little Rock Coterie; vice chairman of the Renewal Ranch Board of Directors; member of the Faulkner County Editorial Board for 501 LIFE; former Bicentennial Committee chair and Christmas Parade chair; community arts productions; and University of Central Arkansas activities.

Church activities: Worship pastor for Family Life Bible Church (20 years).

Hobbies/special interests: Reading, fundraising for organizations, painting and writing.

How would you describe yourself: Passionate about everything I undertake. Love to encourage others to strive for their greatest potential.

What is one thing people don’t know about you: I won a dance contest in my early years.

Most enjoyed weekend activity: Spending time with family, church activities, Renewal Ranch chapel on Saturdays.

What is your motto: “Man’s thoughts of God are too human.”

What do you love about living in the 501: The longtime history of the 501 people, the relationships, the exposure to well-rounded opportunities through the colleges and universities.

HER   Nancy Bingham

Native of: Texas.

Where did you grow up: East Texas and Louisiana.

Education: Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, Ala.

Job: Former co-owner/operator of Restaurant Zinzendorf’s in Conway; 10 years as assistant to Arkansas First Lady Janet Huckabee; housewife and mom to five children.

Why did you choose your vocation: Love being a homemaker.

Community activities: Pastor’s wife, Orpheus Club (community musical support club); taught cooking classes in gifted and talented programs; taught Bible studies in local retirement home; active in drug and alcohol program for Renewal Ranch.

Church activities: Sunday school teacher, worship ministries, host Bible studies, teas for children, shows and dinners in home.

Hobbies/special interests: Reading, gardening, prayer groups and community Bible study groups.

How would you describe yourself: Gregarious, content.

What is one thing people don’t know about you: During college years, I taught horseback riding and canoeing in summer camps.

Most enjoyed weekend activity: Spending time with family, church activities. 

What is your motto: “In acceptance lieth peace.” – Amy Carmichael

What do you love about living in the 501: The people, the relationships with dear friends for many years, and being close to children and grandchildren.


Residents of: Conway.

How we met: We met in college, my freshman year and her junior year.

The proposal: On Valentine’s Day – two weeks after we started dating!

Wedding bells: Married June 3, 1967, in Shreveport, La., at the Community Bible Church. At 8 p.m., a formal wedding!

Children: Five – Jennifer and Jeremy Newton, Jill and Kenny McCollum, Janna and Glen Williams (Houston, Texas), Jessica and Daniel Faulkner, and Joseph and Carrie Bingham. Eleven grandchildren.

Family activities enjoyed together: Most of our family activities revolve around food or sports activities. We have regular “feasts” and family fellowships – whether full blown meals or grilled burgers – it’s always a celebration. 

All of our family loves to cook. Nancy has studied professionally and we have three chefs in the family. 

Nancy and Don have co-authored four cookbooks over the years.