Couples: Deepali Nivas Tukaye and Kiran Francis Rajneesh


HER   Deepali Nivas Tukaye

Resident of: Conway.

Native of: India.

Where did you grow up: Bangalore, India.

Education: Interventional Cardiology, Emory University, Ga.; General Cardiology, Ohio State University; PhD, Internal Medicine, University of Louisville, Ky.; MD, Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Johns Hopkins University.

Job: Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Conway Regional Medical Center Heart Clinic Arkansas.

Why did you choose your vocation: Cardiovascular physiology fascinated me growing up. Going through medical school, the ability of an interventional cardiologist to help people with critical cardiovascular disease elegantly was most striking. I chose to walk the path of an interventionalist as it gives me an opportunity to help patients with cardiovascular disease for whom most other modalities of therapy are not an option. It is a very gratifying career to help a grandparent fulfill their wish to see their grandkid’s wedding.

Parents: My mother, Snehalata Nivas Tukaye, and father, Nivas Gopalrao Tukaye, are residents of Bangalore, India. They lead an active life with significant involvement in their community activities, including charitable work. My father runs a successful technology-based business and my mom is an amazing homemaker with an artistic inclination.

Favorite restaurant in the 501: Mike’s Place.

First impressions of the 501: I have enjoyed my move to Conway. The community has been exceptionally welcoming and generous. I love the camaraderie I share with my colleagues at work. The Conway community feels like the home we have been looking for. The 501 publication has been a great local resource to explore the area!

HIM   Kiran Francis Rajneesh

Native of: India.

Where did you grow up: Bangalore, India.

Education: Interventional Pain Management, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio; Neurology, University of Vermont; Internal Medicine, University of Louisville, Ky.; Neurosciences (Master of Science), St. Louis University, Mo.; Research internship in Neurosciences, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; Research fellowships in Neurosciences at University of California, Irvine, and University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Job: Director of Neurological Pain Division, Ohio State University.

Why did you choose your vocation: Growing up, I was always interested in technology and was fascinated that even the most advanced technology we have invented possesses only a fraction of the infinite capabilities of the human nervous system. My job combines the latest, cutting edge technology (interventions and neuromodulation) to treat patients with pain, a condition that everyone experiences in their lifetime. 

Parents: Dad, Francis Vasanthkumar, attorney and retired bureaucrat in India. Mom, Vishalakshamma, housewife. They lead a laidback life centered around grandchildren these days.

Community activities: Mentoring undergraduates and advocating for healthcare issues at city and county level.

Hobbies/special interests: Computer gaming and home automation.

How would you describe yourself: Easy going, fun loving, outgoing. 

Favorite restaurant in the 501: Pasta Grill


How we met: We met during medical school when we were part of the same small group discussions.

The proposal: Umm….We always knew we were meant to be.

Wedding bells: Feb. 19, 2006, Bangalore, India.

Pet: Our eight-pound fur baby, Mowgli, who is a sweet-tempered cocker spaniel.

Family activities enjoyed together: Walks, cooking and family dinners.