501 Life Magazine | Couples: Callie and Jaison Sterling
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Couples: Callie and Jaison Sterling

Callie and Jaison Sterling enjoy capturing the beauty of the 501 through a camera lens as owners of Sterling Imageworks Photography. (Mike Kemp photo)

HER   Callie Blair Sterling

Native of: Little Rock.

Where did you grow up: I was a military child (Army). I have lived in Arkansas, Germany, Georgia and Virginia when my dad worked at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. 

Education: 2009 graduate, North Little Rock High School; 2013 graduate of the University of Central Arkansas with a bachelor of arts degree in journalism.

Job: Co-owner/photographer at Sterling Imageworks Photography. 

How long have you been shooting and what do you enjoy most about photography: I have been taking photographs since high school, for yearbook. I began taking photos at UCA for the Scroll (yearbook) and continued to work for the yearbook throughout my time at UCA. We began photographing weddings in 2010, and for many years it was a part-time job/hobby that developed into our full-time career. My favorite thing is capturing important moments in the lives of people who will cherish our photos for a lifetime and beyond.

Parents: Natalie and Allen Adkins of Talbott, Tenn. 

Community activities: Alpha Sigma Tau Alumni Advisor, UCA Young Alumni Board Member and North Little Rock Chamber Member.

Hobbies/special interests: Traveling (we have eight states left to see), CrossFit Align, scrapbooking, planting flowers and plants, scuba diving, running half marathons/5K races, loving on my three dogs/fur-babies and watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show (she is my favorite!). 

How would you describe yourself: Outgoing, caring, loyal and compassionate toward others. I have a big heart for animals. 

What is one thing people don’t know about you: I lived in Germany as a child, and I am a traumatic brain injury survivor. Arkansas Children’s Hospital saved my life after a serious ATV accident in 2005. It was so serious I had to be put in a med-flight. I have a metal plate in my head still today. 

Most enjoyed weekend activity: Watching Netflix on the couch with my husband and our dogs: Happy, Myla Jane and Marley Grace. That is the most relaxing thing ever!

What is your motto: Give 110 percent when you only have 80. 

What do you enjoy most about living in the 501: I enjoy the people, the local restaurants, the beautiful outdoor activities we have available to us and the heart that so many locals have for the 501 area. There is so much talent in this area; from local photographers to local chefs and entrepreneurs of all kinds in between — there are a lot of really impressive things and people coming out of Central Arkansas! 


HIM    Jaison Michael Sterling 

Native of: North Little Rock.

Education: 2008 graduate, North Little Rock High School; 2012 graduate of the University of Central Arkansas with a bachelor of science degree in digital filmmaking.

Job: Co-owner/photographer at Sterling Imageworks Photography. 

How long have you been shooting and what do you enjoy most about photography: I began shooting in 2010. I had been shooting video, which can be very similar, since high school, but Callie introduced me to photography, and I fell in love with it. My favorite thing about photography is the opportunity to get to travel and see different parts of the world while capturing them through my photos. We love to bring those photos back and share them with family and friends. 

Parents: Nell and Mike Sterling of North Little Rock.

Community activities: Coach at CrossFit Align.

Hobbies/special interests: Working on cars, reading, traveling, playing guitar, playing games, fishing, bowling, golf and exercising/CrossFit. 

How would you describe yourself: I am outgoing, enjoy participating in athletic activities, I love to travel and see new places and I enjoy learning. 

What is one thing people don’t know about you: I am a big science and astronomy nerd. 

Most enjoyed weekend activity: I enjoy spending time with my wife and pups. 

What is your motto: There is no greater education than one that is self-driven. 

What do you enjoy most about living in the 501: This is where I grew up; I enjoy seeing my family and people I grew up with and people I have known my whole life. There is a sense of community in Central Arkansas, and I really enjoy being part of the community. 



Residents of: North Little Rock.

How we met: We met in 2008 while at North Little Rock High School; we were in the same circle of friends, but Jaison was a year older and we were both new students. He graduated and headed to UCA. I followed the next year, and that is where we truly met and became friends. We began dating after we met at a Halloween party in late October 2009. 

The proposal: Jaison proposed only seven short months after dating at the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Greers Ferry. It was very sweet and had the most beautiful view of the lake. We were very young and wanted to finish college before we got married. We ended up having a three-year engagement. It was long but gave us a lot of time to grow together. I guess he took Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” song seriously and wanted to put a ring on it as soon as possible! All jokes aside, I am so glad we had the chance to experience college as an engaged couple. It gave us time to leisurely plan our wedding without a lot of big stressors in a short amount of time. 

Wedding bells: Saturday, May 11, 2013 at The Peabody in Little Rock. 

Pets: Happy (Sheltie), Marley Grace (English Shepherd) and Myla Jane (Husky).

Family activities enjoyed together: We love to travel and have traveled to almost all 50 states. We have been to Alaska and Hawaii, and we only have eight to go! Our favorite two places we have traveled are Rwanda, Africa and California. Lake Tahoe is somewhere we would love to retire to one day! 

More information: We are so blessed that God has allowed us to do what we love as a full-time career. We know many people dream of being self-employed, and it is truly something we never take for granted. It is a true blessing to work with your spouse, something that most do not get the privilege of experiencing.