Couple of the Month: Terri and Brian Kinder

Photo by Mike Kemp


Where did you grow up:I was born in Fredericktown, Mo. I have lived in Little Rock for more than 40 years.

Education: I graduated from Fredericktown High School. I have a bachelor’s in music education and a master’s in liberal arts.

Job: I am an eight-year veteran of the United States Air Force, and a career educator of music and art in the Little Rock School district. I took an early retirement to do children’s music full time. We perform at schools, libraries, churches and festivals.

Parents: Floyd and Virginia Kinder, Fredericktown. Both are deceased. 

Children: I didn’t have any children of my own, but when I married Terri, I was honored to become a stepfather and a grandfather.

Community: We have volunteered for 20 years at Arkansas Children’s Hospital until COVID-19.

Church: We attend First United Methodist Church of Little Rock.

Hobbies: Music and golf.

How would you describe yourself: As fortunate and grateful, and as a singer, songwriter and performer.

What is one thing people don’t 

know about you: I have a twin brother.

Weekend Activities: I never pass up a yard sale, and I like to golf.

Motto: Live, Laugh, Love.

What do you enjoy most about 

living in the 501: In the 501 area, there is such a vast variety of opportunities for recreation, entertainment and dining. There is always something to do.


Where did you grow up:I was born in Clinton. I have lived in Little Rock since I was 12.

Education: I graduated from McClellan High School and attended St. Vincent School of Radiologic Technology.

Job: I worked for orthopedic surgeons until we both quit our jobs to do children’s music full-time in 2008.

Parents: Bob and Jean Griggs, Little Rock. Both are deceased.

Children: Janna and Mike Childers, of Beebe, have two sons; Justin Phillips (his wife, Brittany, died from COVID-19) of Kountze, Texas, has two children; and, Jacob Phillips of Little Rock. 

Community Activities: Before COVID-19, we volunteered regularly at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Church: We attend First United Methodist Church of Little Rock.

Hobbies: When we are not doing children’s programs, which is a favorite, we love to play golf. When we were first married, we enjoyed East Coast Swing dancing and hope to one day get back to it. I also like working in my yard.

How would you describe yourself: A wife, mother, grandmother, peacemaker, caregiver and grateful person.

What is one thing people don’t 

know about you: My biggest fault is I procrastinate.

Weekend Activities: I follow Brian to yard sales.

Motto: Choose happiness because everything will work itself out.

What do you enjoy most about living 

in the 501: We live in downtown Little Rock, and we have great neighbors and are within walking distance of the river market with great restaurants.


Terri was on her front porch swing when she noticed a neighbor coming down the street. If someone had said to her, “See that guy walking his dog? You’re going to meet, fall in love and marry that man. Then you’ll both quit your jobs and tour the region annually performing hundreds of concerts for kids. You’ll record a dozen albums, appear on several TV shows, and love every minute of it,” then she would have said, “That’s crazy.” And yet, that’s just what happened.

He said, “Hello,” and the next thing you know, they were conversing on Terri’s porch. Dating soon followed, with dancing, golf, and other shared interests. Two years later, Brian proposed. Terri said yes, and in a small gathering of family and friends, Brian surprised everyone by suddenly picking up his guitar and singing, “Could I Have this Dance for the Rest of My Life?” They’re now enjoying year 20 of the rest of their life.