Couple of the Month: Randy and Patty Long

Photo by Mike Kemp


Education: I attended Central Bible College, Springfield, Mo., from 1978-1981.

JOB: I serve on The Church Alive ministry team, teaching Bible studies and workshops. Along with our incredible volunteers, I direct our special events, conferences and host outreach events on our 37-acre campus to connect with our local community.

FAMILY: My parents, Bob and Miriam Rutledge, who have served in pastoral ministry for more than 50 years, moved here from Glen Ellyn, Ill. They continued to touch many lives until his passing in 2021. My mother will celebrate her 90th birthday on March 9. We have been blessed with three wonderful children and their spouses: Ryan and Whitney Long and our grandson, Harrison; Vanessa and JJ Furgerson and our grandson, Arley David; and our youngest, Michael and Skylar Long.

COMMUNITY/CHURCH: It is the greatest privilege to serve as Lead Pastor at The Church Alive. There is nothing more powerful than fulfilling your personal calling and doing it alongside each of your anointed children.

HOBBIES/SPECIAL INTERESTS:  My first passion is ministry, but in my downtime, I am an artist. Throughout the years, I have done oil and acrylic paintings, murals, hand-painted borders, floor cloths, photo studio backdrops, and furniture … If there is a surface that needs a facelift, I’m all about it. I have fun teaching simple painting techniques to our ladies group, teens and children’s VBS classes. When our church burned in 2016, I did a series of paintings for our facility.

Above all, I’m most passionate about our family. Loving my husband and our children is my special interest. I love to spend time with them, especially on beach vacations. It’s a priceless treasure to have sleepovers with Harrison and Arley David.


LIVING IN THE 501: It’s such a privilege to live in the 501. When we visited Conway 43 years ago to consider relocating here, I distinctly recall the feelings we had as we toured the area. There was a sense of wholesomeness, strength, character and kind hospitality. We decided right away that we had a heart for this wonderful town and country community. We knew that this would be the perfect place to start our family while fulfilling our call to minister to the first-class people of Conway and the surrounding area.


hometown: I Graduated from East Alton Wood River High School, Wood River, Ill., in 1978.

EDUCATION: Attended Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Ind., from 1978-1979. Graduated in 1982 from

Central Bible College, Springfield, Mo., with a B.A. in Bible.

JOB: I became pastor of Harlan Park Assembly, located on Dave Ward Drive, in April 1984. In 2000, the church moved to Highway 65N, Skyline Drive, with a name change to The Church Alive. It has been a great honor and joy to have been involved in many areas of ministry involvement throughout Central Arkansas for these past 40 years.

FAMILY: My parents, Doyle and Sharon Long, are pastors in Seminole, Okla. Patty and I have three married children and two grandsons that all reside in Conway: Ryan (son) and Whitney Long, Harrison (7 yrs.), Vanessa (daughter) and J.J. Furgerson, Arley (4 months), Michael (son) and Skylar Long.

HOBBIES/SPECIAL INTERESTS: My horses are my go-to relaxation.  We trail ride and like to elk hunt in Colorado with our horses. Enjoy golfing, especially in Maui. My favorite getaway is the beach in Destin, Fla.

Family brings me the greatest joy. We have so much fun together. This adventure of life is fulfilled with their love. With God’s help, I want to continue to pour hope, love and joy to everyone I can.

MOTTO: My life message is to Think Big, Believe God and Work Hard.


LIVING IN THE 501: The quality of life in the Conway area is amazing. This area offers wholesome living with easy community connections, caring people, great churches, excellent education and medical centers. So thankful for the family-oriented environment created by the leaders of our city, county and business community.

Their STORY:

We met at church camp in Carlinville, Ill., when we were 14 years old. Our parents were pastors and family friends since about 1966. After going different directions, we got back together when we each ended up at Central Bible College in Springfield, Mo. We were married in 1982 in Chicago. After serving as associate pastors in St. Louis for a couple of years, we came to Conway in 1984. It has been wonderful to experience the growth of Conway and to be able to raise our family in this amazing community.