Conway Regional launches area’s first self-scheduling portal

Conway Regional Health System has launched an online self-scheduling portal for patients seeking non-life threatening medical care in the hospital’s emergency department or after hours clinic. The hospital is the first medical center in Central Arkansas to implement such a system, with the goal of reducing wait times for patients and potentially providing them with a more comfortable and convenient overall experience.

“Many patients who come to the emergency room or after hours clinic don’t need immediate or life-saving treatment, but they do need medical care. By providing them the tools to schedule an appointment online, we are giving them the opportunity to wait in the comfort of their own home until they can be seen by a medical professional,” said Matt Troup, president and CEO of Conway Regional Health System. “The ability to spend that time waiting at home or traveling to the hospital or clinic, rather than in a waiting room, can greatly reduce the stress of the situation and improve patients’ overall experience.”

Patients can access the self-scheduling portal, InQuicker, through the home page of the hospital’s website or on their mobile device. There, they are provided the option to schedule an appointment at the emergency department or the after hours clinic.

After registering, patients are asked to provide a brief reason for their visit so physicians and the medical team know why they are seeking treatment. Once the registration is complete, the patient will receive a text or email confirmation of their selected appointment time.

“Every request for medical attention is important to us, whether it is a life threatening emergency or a non-life threatening or non-emergent situation,” said Troup. “By minimizing the wait time for patients who have a non-emergent situation, and affording them the opportunity to wait at home, we are providing them an added level of comfort and convenience they can’t get at any other hospital in the area.”  

InQuicker advises patients with specific, potentially life threatening symptoms not to register with the system and to call 911. It also provides patients with a guide on when to call 911.

Appointments for the emergency department may be made during ER Fast Track hours that currently are from noon to midnight. Fast Track hours are identified as times during the day when the hospital’s emergency department sees the highest volume of patients. Appointments for the after hours clinic may be made during the clinic’s business hours during the week and on weekends.

Conway Regional Health System provides complete health care services to the growing communities of north Central Arkansas including Faulkner, Conway, Perry, Van Buren and Cleburne counties. Centered on a 154-bed acute care medical center, the health system provides patients with a variety of services. To learn more, visit