Conway Corporation's Keith Cates earns special certification

Conway Corporation Water Systems Designer Keith Cates recently earned his Class IV Wastewater certification from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, which is the top level of achievement for licensed wastewater operators in the state.

Chief Operating Officer Tommy Shackelford said a utility of Conway Corporation’s size is required to have at least one class IV certified operator available at any given time. Conway Corporation now has 11 on staff.

“We are fortunate to add Keith to our team of Class IV Wastewater operators, and his certification brings added insight and knowledge to the engineering department,” Shackelford said.  “This is an impressive achievement that does not happen without time and energy. The test is difficult and comes with a very small pass rate – for Cates to pass it the first time says a lot about his ability.”

The requirements for Class IV Wastewater certification include completing more than 450 hours of approved training, six years of experience in wastewater treatment with at least two years in direct charge of a plant or one of the major components and passing the Class IV test.