Conway Corporation could be required to reduce electric load

Conway Corporation has been notified that it may be required to reduce the city’s electric load in the coming weeks.

“The April 27 tornado that hit Faulkner County caused significant damage to the electric transmission system in the area,” said Conway Corporation CEO Richard Arnold. “Entergy is the transmission owner and has been working diligently to restore the system with an interim solution and they expect to have it in place by mid-June.”

“In order to prevent a general failure of Entergy’s transmission system, Conway Corporation may be directed to initiate controlled power interruptions,” said Arnold.

Entergy has informed Conway Corporation that between now and mid-June, when the interim work is to be completed, any temperatures beyond normal for any sustained period of time could create the potential for load curtailments.

“If time allows, Conway Corporation and the City of Conway will eliminate all non-essential electric usages, and will issue a bulletin asking all customers to do the same. In addition, industrial and commercial customers will be asked to reduce their load on our system,” added Arnold.

“If these actions do not result in the needed load reductions or cannot be implemented within the established time, Conway Corporation will be required to begin rolling blackouts,” Arnold said.

Until the interim transmission solution is in place, bad weather that might cause damage to the transmission system may also result in notification to curtail load. This sort of sudden weather event would provide no opportunity for advance notification.