Conway Christian School reports test scores

Conway Christian Elementary School has seen a significant rise in standardized test scores over the past three years.  

“Our overall average composite for the elementary has risen from 71.5 percent (national percentile) in 2011-12 to 76.5 percent in 2012-13 and then to 83.3 percent at the end of the 2013-14 school year,” said Richard W. Henley, president and CEO. “We attribute much of this improvement to our teachers as they have really had an impact on these kids. We also have seen dramatic improvement in the Reading and Comprehension areas as we have focused more attention on those children that were struggling. All of our kindergarten and first grade teachers have received specialized training on identifying those youngsters that need some assistance due to mild to moderate Dyslexia or other reading comprehension issues and then, of course, with addressing these issues effectively.In addition to the teachers, our two on-staff therapists are making a tremendous impact it appears.”

CCS tracks each class starting in kindergarten.  

“It is apparent that the majority of our children enter kindergarten slightly above the national level of their peers, but then rise higher and higher in the national percentile as each year progresses” said Henley. “Our expectation is to retain at least an 80th percentile ranking each and every year and for all classes.”