Conway Christian plans international speaker

Conway Christian School will host Emmanuel Ogebe, an international human rights lawyer and expert on the Boko Haram terrorist organization, at 7 p.m. Monday Aug 18, in the CCS Gymnasium Commons. The public is invited.

Nigeria is currently under siege by the Boko Haram terrorist organization. “Boko Haram”, a Hausa phrase meaning “Western education is a sin”, is an Islamic terrorist group whose stated aim is the establishment, by force, of a strict, sharia-law theocracy in Nigeria. Christians and students, both Muslim and Christian alike, have been among Boko Haram’s principal civilian targets. In April, Boko Haram abducted and enslaved 276 schoolgirls taking exams in a facility in the northeastern Nigerian Christian enclave of Chibok. It threatens to sell the girls for $12 each.  Since 2011, Boko Haram attacks have killed more than 1,000 Nigerian Christians and bombed, torched or otherwise destroyed scores of Christian churches, villages and homes.

Ogebe recently returned from a three-week fact-finding mission to Nigeria and refugee camps along the border with Cameroon where he interviewed many Boko Haram victims.

In this presentation, Ogebe will alert the audience to the condition of their brothers and sisters in Christ and motivate them to take action to protect others’ freedom as well as to cherish their own.