Committing to resolutions

by Brittany Gilbert

The New Year is the time for resolutions, but how many of us actually keep them?

I’m guessing the number would be pretty low, and I think I know why. It may just be me, but when I give up on my resolutions, it’s usually not because the goals I’ve set for myself are too great — instead, I don’t care enough. When it comes down to it, after a long day I don’t want to make a healthy dinner.

Instead, I want to snack on the unhealthy foods or go to a restaurant.

My kids are getting old enough to notice my bad habits. They’ve been exposed to goldfish crackers, cookies and soda and prefer it over bananas and carrots. I don’t blame them.

However, I do need to help them understand the importance of taking care of their bodies. It starts with me. It’s important for moms and dads to set the example for their kids to follow. I want my kids to see that I have more energy and feel better overall, not because of the coffee and candy bar, but because of the healthy choices I’ve made and how they need to feel good about doing the same.

Lifestyle change

Create an 80/20 plan for your food and exercise goals. Choose healthy and smart options 80 percent of the time and allow yourself some treats along the way. If you completely cut yourself off from any of the bad things, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

As for exercise, just do it. Everyone is busy, and carving out time for the gym isn’t always possible, but discover what works best for your family and your schedule.

For me, 10 a.m. is the best time of day because I can take my kids to childcare at the gym. Any other time of the day doesn’t work for us. Others may need to wake up early or stay up later. Personally, it is really difficult for me to work out at home, however, I know of many incredible workout videos and programs that a lot of people are very successful with all in the comfort of their home.


Schedule time to rest. We know how good resting is for us and yet we keep going without any downtime.

We also do this to our kids. How many activities can we put them in? Consider putting your child in one extra-curricular activity and letting them cultivate that area instead of spreading them so thin across many areas.

Kids and parents both need rest. Parents may not be able to take a nap and downtime may not even be possible every single day, but it should be a priority as often as possible.

Also, plan a date with your spouse or significant other. A relationship is a constant work of art, and your partner needs your undivided attention, too.

Spending time on your relationship can be considered rest because it takes you away from your normal busy roles of house and/or child care.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new year.


Brittany Gilbert is a former FACS teacher at Maumelle High School. She and her husband, Levi, have two sons and live in Conway. Brittany can be reached at [email protected].