Color talk with RaeLynn Callaway

by Donna Benton

I had an opportunity recently to visit with a very talented local designer, RaeLynn Callaway of Yours Truly Interiors.  I never pass up an opportunity to discuss the latest trends with a respected design professional and when the talk turned to color, I was curious to see what colors RaeLynn would pull from her trusted paint fan.

I asked her to tell me about the colors that she loves to use, and that her clients are requesting. Gray was at the top of her list. She states that “even here in the South, we have moved away from the beige tones and are changing over to the grays.”

Gray makes a perfect foundation color.  It can go warm or cool, and it is complemented by so many other colors. Being a paint fanatic myself, I understand the quest to find that perfect gray; not too tan, and not too blue. I was excited to hear which grays she likes, and what colors she likes to pair with it.

RaeLynn tends to gravitate toward the warmer grays. Sherwin-Williams Analytical Gray and Gray Area are two of her “go-to” grays. She likes to use Alabaster as her trim color. “It’s soft and warm but really sets off the gray base colors,” she said.

One of her favorite looks is to pair gray with rich red, gold and blue jewel tones. Her personal favorites are Sherwin-Williams Fired Brick, Butternut and Raindrop. She says she is not afraid to throw in an apple green here and there. “These colors are fresh, lively and give a nice ‘pop’ to a neutral background that the warm grays create. In a movement of staying neutral, I think these accents of bold color offer a timeless appeal of Southern charm and hospitality.”