Clutter busters

By Stefanie Brazile

Nowadays, people seek professional organizers to help with decluttering, restoring areas to their intended use and finding functional storage solutions.

“My best tip for maintaining organization is if it takes less than five minutes to do, do it,” said Kinli Gieber, owner of 2B Organized – Little Rock. “Everything should have a home. Just put those items back in their home, and you will easily be able to keep up with your space.”

The experienced organizer offered additional advice. “Don’t forget that you can’t organize a cluttered space. A big part of these projects is the decluttering process. It’s so hard to organize things that aren’t used. If you have a slight thought that you don’t need that item anymore, just go with your first thought and get rid of it!”

Ashley Ruffin hired Gieber to organize closets and the kitchen in her new Faulkner County home. “My goal for this closet was to make it functional with easy maintenance while also keeping it aesthetically pleasing,” she said.

“Make your closet a place that makes you feel good when you walk in. Most of us know that a closet can sometimes be a very dreadful place for our minds, but if you visually feel good, then there’s a good chance you will feel mentally good.”

The newest trend for closets is to install a washer and dryer within the closet so it’s easy to put away clothes. Of course, matching hangers will make your space visually appealing—whether you prefer plastic or velvet.

“There are so many good container solutions at local stores like Target, Walmart and The Container Store,” Gieber said for those who want to DIY. “Look for square and rectangular containers. Lazy Susans are also a favorite way to contain items in different areas.”

Kitchen Organization

“The biggest trend in pantries is an area for your small kitchen appliances,” she said. “There is nothing easier than opening a door and having all your options in one spot. Rather than opening multiple cabinets, you have easy access to these bulky appliances.”

You can replicate this by adding or removing a shelf in your pantry, and Gieber recommends that you choose one at counter height so it’s easy to grab.

To organize drawers, measure the space and type the dimensions in a search bar online. You will then have some great options for containers, which are key for organizing pantries, and they should preferably be acrylic or clear.