Caring in their prime

PrimeCARE Medical Clinic celebrated its 20th anniversary on Sept. 22 at its Searcy location with staff and community members.

“It is an interesting story of how God has blessed PrimeCARE with great employees and growth,” founder J.P. Wornock, MD, said. “But if that were the only story, then we would be much like other clinics in the area. The real story is how our employees take care of each other like family and how that supports their ability and desire to take care of patients the same way. The culture of PrimeCARE is what makes this such a wonderful place.”

LEFT: Associates celebrated the company’s 20th anniversary. Searcy’s Marshall Sexson, PA-C, (from left); Emily Chalco, NLR Clinic Manager; Sofia Bell, Searcy Tech; Katy Martin, Searcy Scribe; and Margo Estrada, Searcy Tech. RIGHT: Jasmine Harris (from left), who works for the charity “100 Families” in White County, was “Loving LIFE” with Eric Booth, CEO of the PrimeCARE Medical Clinic in Searcy. As part of the 20th anniversary celebration, PrimeCARE raised money for the organization.

The first clinic opened in Searcy on Sept. 16, 2003. In the days leading up to the clinic’s opening, Wornock gathered with a group from his church and staff in the waiting room and prayed for the success of PrimeCARE and that the clinic would be a blessing to many people. Opening with three full-time and two part-time employees, Wornock was the only provider for the first two years of operation. In 2005, additional staff and another provider were added, and hours were extended to include evenings and weekends.

Fast forward two decades and there are three clinic locations, more than 20 providers and about 120 part-time and full-time employees. More than 70 families rely on the revenue of PrimeCARE as their primary source of income. Across three clinics, the medical team comprises more than 20 doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. In addition, the patient support team, referral specialists, billing specialists, quality care team, reception teams, medical techs, nurses, medical providers and counselors work together to take care of primary care and walk-in medical needs.

A primary care clinic, the staff manages patients’ medical care with annual wellness exams, referral services for specialty needs, medication management, and monitoring of chronic and acute care illnesses. They also provide same-day visits for non-emergent walk-in care. In addition to medical assistance, PrimeCARE believes in the importance of mental health services for communities. Therefore, each PrimeCARE location has counselors on-site to work alongside the medical team and ensure that overall health is considered.

“Our mission is to glorify God by radically improving patient care in an environment that promotes the flourishing of our employees and inspires others to take up the same cause,” Wornock said.

PrimeCARE’s team members also give back to communities by participating in food and diaper drives, helping families with holiday expenses, attending mission trips and volunteering. A giving campaign for the charity 100 Families was held in September to recognize their 20th year.

The 100 Families Initiative is one of six key areas of focus for Restore Hope, an organization that works with individuals and groups from the private, public and social sectors to build a better state. The organization provides a platform for individuals from every walk of life to work together to move families from a place of crisis to an environment where they are thriving. This support encompasses housing, transportation, employment, education, addiction/recovery and food stability.