Cabot implements PRiDE Drug Resistance Program

The Cabot School District will provide a drug resistance program to students called PRiDE – Panthers Resisting Drugs Education – beginning in the fall.

PRiDE – which replaces the former DARE program – was developed by Kelly Spencer, the district’s health and wellness coordinator, and Yvonne Kackley, a Cabot police officer and school resource officer. This will be a new drug resistance curriculum to educate students about the damaging effects of drugs and substance abuse.

The PRiDE program was developed based on the findings of the 2011 Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment data which indicated that tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs are the prevalent choices among teen users. Of those who decide to smoke, drink or do drugs, they typically begin at the middle school age. The program will help raise awareness of the dangers of drug use and equip students with the needed refusal skills to fight peer pressure.

“The Cabot School District is very fortunate to be able to partner with the City of Cabot to offer this program. Officer Kackley is very knowledgeable and she has been in our schools for over eight years serving as a school resource officer” Spencer said.

Kackley will help students apply the knowledge they will gain from the program. “As a police officer, I have witnessed the devastating effects of drug use. Anything we can do to educate and prevent the use of drugs is helpful and makes the community a better place to live.”

The district noted that the DARE program had served Cabot schools well in the past but organizers are excited to move forward with the PRiDE program that is designed specially to meet the needs of Cabot students.