Cabot High School Theatre Department soars high with 'Peter Pan the Musical'

Cabot High School recently presented the high-flying adventure “Peter Pan the Musical!”

Broadway’s timeless classic based on J.M. Barrie’s fairy tale whisked the audience to Neverland filled with the villainous Captain Hook (Brandon Turner) and Pirates, adventurous Lost Boys, fierce Indians, beautiful Mermaids and Jungle Creatures.

Performing the original 1954 Broadway Version, the show begins at the Darling household, where Peter Pan (Savannah Woods) and Wendy (Ashley Julison) meet for the first time.

Peter flies the Darling children away in state of the art aerial apparatuses. This was the first time Cabot High School ventured into aerial stunt work for a production.

Dancing Indians, led by Riley Hoffer and Kelsey Drees as Tiger Lily, were a highlight of the show. J.P. Gairhan, a veteran of the stage, lent his comedic prowess as Smee.

Grown-up Wendy was played by Marcela Shipley. The roles of Mr. and Mrs. Darling were performed by Spencer Worth and Autumn Romines. McKenzie Marks was John Darling, and Logan Williams was Michael Darling.

The role of Liza was split between Ashton Williams and Zoe Eddington.

Other cast members:

Nana – Andrew Hupp

Crocodile – Josh Scott

Jane – Brooklyn Jennings

Pirates of Neverland: JP Gairhan, Kolby Cole, Ian Gonzalez, Jay King, Keaton Grimmett, Spencer Worth, Madi Burrow, Natalie Burrow, Seth Stewart, Jordan Gately, Hannah Brletich, Greg Stone, Kallie Benedict, Blain Mahoney, DJ Boswell, Brennen Applegate, Annalisse Riley, Payton Carlton, Clarissa Struble, Autumn Toler, Hallie Eastham and Micah Long.

Indians: Jeni Fuller, Autumn Romines, Sarah Mitchell, Lindsay Salzman, Macy McClanahan, Lauren Travis, Laiken Kaylor, Ashley Martin, Saralyn Hellstern, Shelby Thompson, Allie DeStefano, Corbin Friddle, Morgan Walters, Charl Young, Jalen Hemphill, Jack Teague, Easton Seidl, Cody Nabors and Seth Carter.

The Lost Boys of Neverland: Madi Burrow, Natalie Brewer, Seth Stewart, Jordan Gately, Hannah Brletich, Greg Stone, Kallie Benedict, Cody Pugh, Shelly Griebel, Heidi Mackey, Rachel Ball, Emily Adair, Baylee New, Logan Melder, Wyatt McMahan, Savanna Young, Sam Owen, Justin Cheatham, Luke Falcinelli, Audrey Lightfoot, D’Vitrius Shirley, Courtney Lewis, Tristan Bulice, Emily Nichols, Justin Hagar, April Watts, Ana Covington, Brittany Billingsley, Vikki Ray, Patience Mitchell, Skylar Ward, Avery Elliott and Greer King.

Mermaids: Taylor Cagle, Sydney Calvert, Saidee McCaa, Hallie Lubinski, Natalie Way, Sarah Newlan, Kayla Looney and Emma Carpenter.