Cable technician professionals recognized

Conway Corp was recognized for excellence in customer service when five of its cable technician professionals were awarded Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Awards at the 2022 Mid-America Cable Show.

Telecom Trouble Technician 2 Wesley Manion and Telecom Installer Technician 1 Lane McNew were recognized with Five Star awards in going the extra mile. Telecom Trouble Technician 2 James Buggs, Lead Telecom Trouble Technician Brian Robinson and Telecom Trouble Technician 2 Jake Stewart were honored with Four Star awards in going the extra mile.

The Customer Service Excellence Award program was established by cable television professionals in 1986 to recognize and award customer care professional excellence in the cable television industry.

The Mid-America Cable Association is an industry association formed in 1958 to help telecommunication providers promote technical excellence, superior customer service, exemplary marketing and student scholarship. It includes cable telecommunications system operators in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas and Texas.