The Bountiful Spring Bouquet

Learn how to create your own spring display!

To complete Chef Bingham’s spring table, he asked floral designer Chris Norwood, vice president of Tipton & Hurst, to create a memorable centerpiece. This clever arrangement incorporates spring blooms, Brussels sprouts and radishes for a truly unique display that even Peter Cottontail will love.

You will need:

• Clear or glass vase

• Caged florist foam, (large enough to cover vase opening)

• Floral wire and picks

• Carrots

• Radishes

• Brussels sprouts

• Spring flowers and ivy

Watch a video of Chris creating this bountiful spring centerpiece:


Step 1:
Soak florist foam in water until thoroughly saturated.

Step 2:
Cut carrot and radish stems about 2 inches long.

Step 3:
Wire carrot and radish stems to picks. Insert other picks into Brussels sprouts.

Step 4:
Insert florist picks attached to carrots into bottom of florist foam.

Step 5:
Rest florist foam atop vase, allowing carrots to hang inside.

Step 6:
Fill top and sides of foam with flowers, radishes and Brussels sprouts.