Baby Monitor 3G – app of the month

by Brittany Gilbert

High quality baby monitors can be expensive! If you have an extra Apple device lying around then you can download an app — Baby Monitor 3G — to check on your baby.

This app can use any two Apple devices: iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. Choose one for the baby station; the other is the parent station.

The two devices work together to allow you to not only hear your baby in another room, but to also see and even communicate, too.

The screen turns red when the baby is crying, and you can simply press a button if you want to soothe the baby. For battery life, you can opt to only listen to the baby, however there is a LED light to see the baby if lighting is bad.

What I like:

  • Great for traveling. If baby is sleeping in another room and you don’t want to bring along your expensive video monitor, this is an option.
  • It gives you the ability to communicate with baby. You can soothe baby or let the infant know you are on the way.
  • Because it is an app, they can make adjustments and update the program to make it better.

What I don’t like:

  • The LED light is very bright. When trying it out, I was disappointed with this light function. My video monitor is able to pick up a great feed in the middle of the night without emitting any light. When I tried to see my son, I pushed the light feature and a bright light lit up his room, causing him to wake up and causing me a headache to put him back to sleep.
  • The live feed is only available with Wi-Fi. A still shot is available with 3G/4G.
  • The sound option can be unreliable. For battery reasons, the device doesn’t constantly have sound going. We use a sound machine in our son’s room, so often the monitor would pick up the sound machine and say that the baby was crying, when he wasn’t. In the middle of the night, you don’t want to be alerted of a cry unless they really are crying.