Avra, Milligan retire after 25 years of service to Conway Corp

CONWAY — Conway Corp Executive Assistant Nancy Avra is retiring this month after dedicating more than 25 years of service to Conway Corp and the Conway community. 

Avra joined the company as an administrative assistant in 1999 and was promoted to executive assistant in 2016. In this role, Avra worked closely with the leadership team and effectively managed administrative tasks, communicated clearly and professionally and handled scheduling and logistics.

Nancy Avra

“Nancy and I have worked together for the past 25 years, and she has been the epitome of professionalism over her career,” Chief Executive Officer Bret Carroll said. “She shows up each day and finds ways to make everyone around her more efficient and better at their jobs, which ultimately allows us to better serve our customers. I wish the very best for her in this next phase of her life.”

Chief Marketing Officer Crystal Kemp agreed. “Nancy has been a real cornerstone for so much of what happens at Conway Corp,” Kemp said. “She is dedicated to a job well-done and has genuine care for her co-workers. We will really miss her but know that she will enjoy the extra time she will have to travel and read.”

Over her 25 years with the company, Avra described her role as the opportunity to assist others, something she said was very rewarding. “The opportunity to work at Conway Corp has been life changing in so many ways. You become a part of Conway’s history, just being able to say ‘I worked at Conway Corp.’”

Conway Corp Water Systems Foreman Mark Milligan is retiring after dedicating more than 28 years of service to Conway Corp and the Conway community. He joined the company as a utility worker apprentice in 1996, was promoted to utility worker in 1999 and to his current position in 2005. 

Mark Milligan

During Milligan’s time at Conway Corp, he oversaw the maintenance of the water system, a role critical to Conway residents and businesses. In that role, he installed water and sewer services for new and existing customers. 

Water Systems Manager Lee Tedford described him as dedicated and focused, committed to Conway’s growth. “Mark was instrumental in helping update existing customers’ water and sewer services every day,” Tedford said. “He was very detailed with his work and made it a priority to exceed the customers’ expectations. He was always the life of the party. We are going to miss him and the laughter he brought to this group. I hope he gets to enjoy his retirement to the fullest.”   

His colleagues and direct reports also bragged about his tenacity.

“When Mark first came to Conway Corp, we worked together on the construction crew,” said Water Systems Senior Foreman Frank Fason said. “He loved to talk about Hot Springs, and he was always entertaining with the many stories he would tell. Fast forward to the present day and Mark is still talking about Hot Springs and still entertaining. I’m thankful for our friendship through the years and the many memories we have together. It was a joy to work with Mark and I wish him the best.”