501 Life Magazine | At Liz’ Health Market, a variety of products, foods offered
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by Don Bingham

With the health care situation, the high cost of medicines and the need to stretch budgets, the health food store has become a popular hang out for the family consumer. Liz’ Health Market is a location for “whatever ails you.”



Georgia Robinson and Liz Wood are the ones to talk with — and talk they do. What an amazing wealth of information and knowledge is offered at 508 Oak St. in Conway. The Robinson and Wood families have owned and operated the health food store for 13 years, and they have seen the increase of awareness in prevention and wellness from every angle.

Billed as “Your Organic Choice,” Liz’ Health Market offers natural vitamins and supplements, natural groceries, organic produce, health and beauty products, bulk foods, grains and cereals and naked juice. Among the most popular offerings are their gluten-free and wheat-free products.

Stan, Liz’s husband, and Derek Wood, their son, assist with running the market. Nancy Combs and Angela Paradis work alongside the family as well.

“Without fail, every day we see the sale of three major products: the Kombucha drink (a fermented mushroom beverage), apple cider vinegar and black cherry concentrate,” Liz said. “There is a big demand for preventative medicine…those supplements that promote longevity, energy and encourage the immune system. Also among the popular items are the Resveratrol and the Achai supplements — very high in antioxidants.”

The produce line offers the consumer the options of fresh vegetables that are free of pesticides and chemicals. One of my favorite selections is the almond meal – flour that is perfect for cheesecake crust, among other things.

And if “detoxing” interests you, come on in. Liz has several suggestions.

Many of us have been touched by the need for gluten/wheat-free items and more education in the preparation of these foods. Not only does

Liz’ Health Market offer the product, but also the encouragement one needs to approach this growing culinary genre.
And last, but not least, there are so many hidden jewels in the market. One of my very favorites is the Choco-Perfection Candy Bar. As with any product worth the quality, the candy bar is not inexpensive, but the rewards are invaluable. For 197 calories, 2 net carbs and 14 grams of fiber, this gluten- and sugar-free, “five-sectioned” wonder is 60 percent cocoa and worth the weekly trip to Liz’ Health Market. (For your own information should you decide to make the investment in the candy bar, it will melt down in heavy cream for a delicious sauce, and it will also bake in various dishes.)

The market is open 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. until noon on Saturday. For more information, please call 501.932.0505.

Walk on in. Thousands of vitamins and supplements are in stock for any need, and you’ll want to purchase a Choco-Perfection Candy Bar to enjoy while you shop.