Art on the Green to host Katrina Dolislager program

Katrina Dolislager, one of the emerging stars of the Outsider Art movement, will be answering questions about Art and Life and the success of her Bird Series at 10:27 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 2.

"Katrina has been with Art on the Green since we launched last year. We were lucky to have what remained of her bird art, but those promptly sold," said gallery director Brenda McClain. "We just got another in the Gallery, and it won’t last long."

Katrina will talk about the mountains AND the valleys of her life, sharing that the valleys are what led Katrina to develop the many facets of her talents as a star in the Outsider Artist Movement. Her layers included love, laughter and beauty as well as tears, hurt and loss. Katrina lives an authentic life.

The term "outsider art," coined and articulated by Roger Cardinal in 1975, identifies artists, including the late Howard Finster. The term "self-taught" is perhaps a broader and more encompassing expression that includes artists who are living mainstream lives but who were not trained as artists.

Great artists produce great art, whether they are trained or simply have a natural gift for expressing themselves through the outlet of their art. It’s easy to see why Katrina Dolislager is included in this group; her work extends the expressions of her life.  

"There is something so satisfying about the feel of pressing oil pastels into the canvas,” Dolislager said. “The most expensive pastels yield their colors too easily, and the cheapest pastels don’t hold their colors enough on canvas. Creating art is much like experiencing life. When things come too easy, I don’t appreciate them like I should. Whereas, the most difficult struggles in my life, although layered with sadness and pain, also contain much joy and peace.”

Katrina is married to Thomas Dolislager, and their oldest son, Calvin, was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 2 ½. Their youngest son, Kent, was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Katrina Dolislager with her husband, Thomas, and their sons, Calvin and Kent.

“Although we had two physically healthy, beautiful boys, I fell into a dark time of resentment and mourning for what they were unable to do, the enormous challenges they would face. I was angry for some time — angry at God and other parents of seemingly ‘normal’ children. I just made myself stop thinking about what wouldn’t be and start focusing on all they are right now.”

Katrina’s life and the life of her family are layers of sorrow, joy, gratitude, resentment, worry and peace. But if not for the dark times, Katrina would never have experienced such levels of peace and joy.

Through much therapy and work, Calvin and Kent have accomplished amazing physical and mental achievements.

There is no charge for Katrina’s Q&A, but reservations are appreciated. Call 501.205.1922 or visit

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