Arkansas Heart Hospital Clinic of Conway opens Wound Care Center

Arkansas Heart Hospital Clinic recently announced the addition to their cardiac clinic of a diagnostic cath lab and wound care center and hyperbaric center.

The wound care center at the Arkansas Heart Hospital Clinic is a comprehensive outpatient center designed for the treatment of chronic, non-healing and complex wounds. Specifically, the center will provide relief for patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, traumatic wounds, gangrene, infected wounds and non-healing surgical wounds, skin grafts and flaps.

Dr. Vijay Raja, interventional cardiologist and medical director of the wound care center along with nurse practitioner Katelin Whiddon are committed to working together for the advancement of wound healing needs.  

The Arkansas Heart Hospital Wound Care Center provides individualized treatment plans for patients, specific to their needs, in a quick and efficient manner. Hyperbaric medicine, bioengineered skin substitutes and vacuum assisted closers are just a few of the advanced techniques employed to help patient wounds heal faster and allow them to return to their normal lives.

“Almost all long-term wounds have started because of a vein or artery problem. This center provides the best technology but also is directed by an expert in the treatment of the underlying problem. No other center in America does this and we are starting a new franchise on helping people’s wounds,” said Dr. Bruce Murphy, CEO and president of the Arkansas Heart Hospital.

The center has two of the largest individual hyperbaric chambers available to treat critically ill patients. The size of the hyperbaric chambers is large enough for patients to sit up in. They have plenty of room inside and are able to see out of the chambers while inside.

The wound care and hyperbaric center is located at 605 Dave Ward Drive Suite 103. For appointments or for more information, please call 501.205.7910.