App of the Month: My PlayHome

My PlayHome
by PlayHome Software Ltd
Lite version – Free
Full version – $3.99

by Brittany Gilbert

My PlayHome is a “dollhouse for the iGeneration.” Your kids can spend hours on this app and not get bored. Designed for all ages from 2 and up, this interactive app allows kids to explore and play in every room of the house. They can blow bubbles, turn on the lights, fry an egg and play. If the room is too dark, you can open the drapes, and if the music isn’t right, you can change that, too.

My inner 8-year-old self had a lot of fun playing with this app. I would have loved to have this technology as a child — no cleaning up afterward and nothing gets broken.

Moms will love this app. I’ve spoken with several friends who say their kids have been entertained for hours with My PlayHome. We each started out with the free “lite” version and upgraded eventually to the full version, as it has even more features and ways for kids to be entertained.

Benefits of this app include having both a free and upgraded version because most people like trying something out before buying.

Also, while it is suggested for children ages 5 and up, my 3-year-old enjoys it, and I’ve heard the same from friends with kids of the same age.

Overall, I haven’t discovered anything I don’t like about this app. Reviews I’ve read have mostly mentioned wanting “even more things for them to explore.” I don’t feel that way at this time. I highly recommend this app.