501 Life Magazine | App of the Month: Endless Alphabet
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App of the Month: Endless Alphabet

by Brittany Gilbert

Endless Alphabet | Callaway Digital Arts Inc.

Available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad

$2.99 | Recommended for ages 2+

We started using this app when our son was 18 months old. He doesn’t have the alphabet memorized by any means, but he enjoyed the music and the characters. I love the fact that as he’s watching, he is getting a lesson in the alphabet. I give this app 4-of-5 stars. I recommend paying for the full version. The free version has a limited amount of words — some which are too advanced for younger children. The pay version has more words and adds words regularly. It’s a fun, educational app that kids love.


What I like:

Words and letters introduced in different ways

Characters sound out the letter

You also have to move the letter to its place in a word

You hear the word and see it acted out


What I don’t like:

Limited amount of words at first

Some words are too advanced for younger children