app of the month: Bible for Kids

Bible for Kids by
available on iPhone,
iPad and Android

by Brittany Gilbert

The Bible for Kids app made its much-anticipated debut Thanksgiving 2013. Since then, I have heard nothing but rave reviews. I admit that after playing around on it with our 2-year-old, I love it, too.

The iTunes app advertises that it is designed for children 4 and up, and while I agree that children older than 4 definitely understand the stories better, our 2-year-old was entertained by everything it had to offer. In fact, it wasn’t until I let him have control of my phone that I realized there was more to offer.

The app features six major stories of the Bible, including Creation, Christmas and Easter. Each story was just the right length to hold my son’s attention. The app promises more stories will be added, but I am satisfied with what they have so far. Once you click on a story, you will find the scriptures that are being referenced as well as a narration and wording that are easy for children to follow. On each page are kid-appropriate animations that I thought were just neat backgrounds. Then my son got a hold of my phone, and we found they are actually interactive. You can have the words visible and read along or you can expand the animation and just listen to the narration.

After reading the story, there is a test question that goes toward the awards that can be won. Reading the stories, answering questions and completing the series are how some of the awards can be won and are showcased with a star on the main page. You can also win the “Armor of God” while reading the stories. You can win each piece of armor seven times. I love that within this app you not only can win awards and armor, but you also learn about what each piece of armor means with scripture attached.

So far, I only have positive comments about the Bible for Kids app. I think it is designed very well and can teach a wide age-range of children. I look forward to having one more interactive app to keep my son’s attention but also offer a Christ-centered learning opportunity.