A tasty tour down memory lane

When our children were growing up, the pressures of “life” would crowd in. It was difficult trying to work and raise a family, and of course, I felt like I just had to “be all things for all people.” Those “times” would, sometimes, get to me!

Sometimes I would load the kids in the car — there were no car seats or safety belts to deter me in my determined mission for relief — and off we would go for a “Junk Food Tour of Conway.” Oh, when I think about it now, though debatable from a health standpoint, those were indeed the “good ole days!”

The first place I envisioned stopping at during my recollection was Clement’s Donut Shop on Oak Street. Please take me back to that sweet grease aroma — the combination of yeast raised dough and silvery sugar glaze! It didn’t matter that there were no “red lights” to tell you when they were hot. They were incredible anytime you wanted or needed one, or two, or three!

After this stop, I’d move on to Shorty’s Little Pig. I can still remember the shakes that they would turn upside down and the molecular structure would enable us to delight over the riches of culinary encouragement one would receive upon partaking!

Then, we can’t leave out Frank Brannan’s “secret recipe” lemonade! To this day, I recall that tray that would slide out at the drive-through window, with your personal invitation to indulge in “this will cure whatever ails you” thrill.

If there was still the need for more comfort, there were the Twinkies at Piggly Wiggly, the hot dog at Dog and Suds, the petite fours from Ed’s Bakery in Simon’s Grocery Store, the turnip greens at Ma Tucker’s, the catfish at the sale barn, and the Greek

Salad and pies at Tommy’s! Oh, what comfort floods one’s soul, just thinking about it!

Well, sometimes, reality stinks! To face the “changing times” we are all hearing about, I’ll have to come up with a more healthy and economic “junk food tour” for comfort. The options are growing and for this I am thankful. I have become a regular at Liz’s Health Food Store — her ChocoPerfection Chocolate Bar is a huge comfort — I even buy them to give as encouragement gifts to my friends!

As I sit here eating my way down memory lane — I’m now starving! I refuse to “fall off the wagon” so it’s time for my daily trip to Liz’s. I think she would be better served to change the name of her store to “Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye, My People!”