A new look you’ll love!

Color scheme

While the trend has been to apply dark colors to dining room walls for drama, this update takes a different path. Instead of a dark room of drama, try creating a brighter room by choosing lighter paint colors. Neutral tones or pale shades of color work well. Pair lighter colors with large open windows and mirrors to add visual square footage.

Bring light to the situation

Light fixtures provide an excellent opportunity to inject personality into your dining room. Chandeliers add formal elegance. Painted luminaries give a spunky casual feel, and fixtures with clean lines add modern sophistication. 

Amp up your furniture

Have fun with your dining room table and chairs. The options are endless!  For a less expensive update, try replacing or repurposing either the chairs or the table separately. Try painting your table, reupholstering your chairs or mixing different types of chairs together.

Center of attention

Centerpieces make a big impact in dining rooms. Floral arrangements are always appropriate, adding a touch of nature. If flowers don’t excite you, try other ideas such as pottery, oversized dishes, finials, candles or any other interesting accessories.

A dining room centerpiece can be in the form of just about anything.

Plate it up

Finally, don’t forget your place settings! Select pale colors such as blue, green and white for a light, breezy dinner and easy coordination as you interchange your linens. Clear drinking glasses help to visually de-clutter the table and metallic touches such as copper napkin rings bring glitter.