A ministry of comfort and assurance

“We are always searching for ways to reach outside of the walls of the church building and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” said Rev. LaNita Daniels, pastor at Oakland. “One such ministry is the Prayer Shawl Ministry.” 

In September, Rev. Daniels approached church member Eldean Duran about the ministry and soon others, like Margie Fulmer, volunteered as well.

“The ministry involves blessing the hands of the worker, praying each time before working on a shawl and then praying for the person who will receive the shawl with each stitch as it is made,” explained Rev. Daniels. “Once the shawl is completed, it is taken to our church and placed on the altar during the worship service. At the end of the worship service, the congregation comes to the altar and prays for the person who will receive the shawl. At that time, I also bless the shawl.”

A laminated bookmark with words of comfort is tied with a ribbon to each prayer shawl so the person receiving it will know where it came from and the history of the shawl. Private donations supply the materials for the program.

“Eldean and Margie have crocheted 16 prayer shawls to date and are busily preparing more,” said the pastor.

For more information, to join the ministry or to donate, please contact Rev. Daniels at 501.350.4519.

“This prayer ministry has made a difference in many spiritual lives and continues to be a vital ministry that transforms the lives that it touches.”