'A little bit of Christmas in every room'

by RaeLynn Callaway

On the kitchen counter Toya displays the gingerbread house she made, with help from the kids, next to a plate and mug that will be left out for Santa. Also displayed is a large ginger bread cookie baker holding up a sign with the countdown until Christmas.

The second home on the Christmas tour belongs to Jason and Toya Aultman. Along with their two children, Turner and Landry, the Aultmans enjoy the holiday season from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

"I put my Christmas up by the 10th of November. We are in and out so much during the holidays I want to be able to enjoy it," Toya said.

The large tree in the living room is adorned with ornaments from over the years. From the handmade ornaments that mark Jason and Toya’s first year together and their Hallmark church collection, to the most recent picture ornaments of the kids, this tree brings back memories from the past.

“We collect Snoopy and Barbie ornaments and buy an ornament on every trip we take,” said Toya.

The mantle is kept simple with greenery taking a back seat to some of Toya’s Santa collection and the word “Believe.” The family stockings are hung with care.

In the kitchen, Toya goes all out with her New York themed Christmas. The mantle showcases her snow globe collection while the garland is home to her food ornaments. The New York tree is covered with ornaments Toya has collected on her trips to the Big Apple. She also uses red mesh, feathers and berry sprays to highlight the collection.

“We have a ladies group from church that goes to New York every year,” Toya said.

Turner and Landry enjoy getting in on the fun as well. “Turner decorated the tree in his room by himself,” Toya bragged. “And did a great job I think.”

Turner’s tree is decked out with snowflake garland, with Dallas Cowboy, Star Wars, Narnia and school made ornaments. A Wampus Cat Santa hat tops it off. “I had fun decorating my tree this year,” Turner said. “I love the Star Wars ornaments the most!”

Moving into Landry’s room, there is a Paris themed tree. It is embellished and trimmed with everything from pink feather boas, beaded ornaments and Eiffel towers to Bloomingdale ornaments. “I added the tiara myself,” said Landry.

“One of my favorite things I added this year is the card tree. I love displaying Christmas cards and pictures we receive. Relating to a picture I saw on Pinterest, I used a red and white hat box, and arranged limbs I picked up out of the yard and sprayed white. I added a little greenery to cover the foam and used red ribbon to tie on the cards. It was so simple and it looks great,” Toya said.

The Christmas season is obviously a special time at the Aultman house.

“I like to have a little bit of Christmas in every room,” Toya states. “It takes me a week to get it up and one day to take it all down. I would have to say I have it down to a fine art.”