501’s got spirit, yes we do!

Did you know that how you like to eat your ice cream can reveal a lot about your personality? I read a study about that and have to admit that I’m a “waffle cone” kind of gal, which means I tend to be the host of the party, more traditional and a nurturing caregiver. Surprisingly, this matches up. Those who prefer a sugar cone are the life of the party and tend to be funny, edgy performers. And if you choose a bowl instead of a cone, you’re an analytical type who is responsible, dutiful, and family oriented.

Editor Stefanie Brazile is surrounded by a dozen of our region’s best cheerleaders who were “Loving LIFE” at the cover photo shoot on July 11 at Hendrix College.

I was thinking about ice cream because Chef Don Bingham suggests an “Ice Cream Back-to-School Bash” as a great send-off for kids of any age in his Entertaining feature. 

August is the Back-to-School issue, and our cover demonstrates the enthusiasm that Central Arkansas cheerleaders are ready to share. On the day of our cover photo shoot, twelve spirited teenagers showed up before 8 a.m. with positive attitudes as they worked together for the first time. I want to extend my personal thanks to Katrina Jones, cheer coach from Maumelle High School, for her expertise and guidance.  

Two stories that touched the heart of this “nurturing caregiver” focus on the importance of family. Be sure to read how this magazine helped Tayshun Mattison’s two biological siblings reunite with him after they were placed in foster homes in Texas as children. Also, don’t miss the story of Quentin and Lindsey Rowe, whose love has seen them through major health crises on their journeys to becoming registered nurses.

We also introduce you to two university presidents and offer a kids’ section where you’ll meet Archie, a standard poodle who is supporting teachers in the 501.

It’s time for football y’all, and we’ve chosen the 12th annual 501 LIFE Football Team. The team features 29 student athletes — the best the 501 has to offer both on and off the field. Check them out on page 50 and in our annual 501 LIFE Football edition publishing this August. 

Ready, set, game on!

Stefanie Brazile