501Der Women 2023: Andrea Lawson

After dipping her toes in the water, Andrea Lawson dove head first into the family business, Luxury Pool & Spa.

Her husband, Jeremy Lawson, and his brother, Shane, co-own the business, but she always helped out when she could. “I have always admired what they do and found the swimming pool industry very fascinating,” Andrea Lawson said. However, she continued to work in other industries. “We have been blessed that our company has continued to grow and that the timing was right for me to join full time.”

As someone who loves family togetherness and the outdoors — hiking in the 501 is one of her favorite pastimes — the pool and spa industry is a perfect fit. 

“Pools and spas bring people together,” Lawson said. “After the projects are complete, it is always a joy when a customer sends a picture of his or her family spending quality time together in the pool or spa.”

Lawson’s family also includes her mom, who, along with her faith in God, has helped her reach her goals, she said. “She is my best friend, my rock, the one I can always count on to push me, motivate me and be there for me when I need something,” Lawson said. “My oldest son is a huge inspiration to me. He was born with bilateral progressive sensorineural hearing loss and received cochlear implants at the ages of 3 and 5. Not only has he had to overcome the challenges of being deaf, but he has had to overcome serious illnesses and many other ailments. He has always shown a tenacity like none other. He is a hard worker, never complains and has an extremely kind heart. I am truly blessed to be his mama!”

Hard work is in the family’s genes. The business, which started in Russellville in 1976, opened a new location on April 1 on Stanford Road in Conway. “It has been a long process with a lot of hard work and dedication to complete the building,” Lawson said, adding that it was worth it. “Opening the doors on the day of the grand opening and seeing all our friends, customers, neighbors, and the community who came out to support us was truly humbling and extremely rewarding.”

Contact Andrea today at [email protected] or 501.327.1772.