501der Women 2022: Ashley Martin

Interacting with customers is the highlight of Ashley Martin’s workday. “I get to hear about customer’s lives, and it makes for a more personal experience when they come to the bank to handle their business,” she explained.

A military veteran, Ashley is a personal banker who also works as a teller and opens new accounts. She is training to be a loan assistant, as well. In her off time, she volunteers at the City of Hope Outreach which is a nonprofit that helps veterans and the homeless in Conway. “It is important to me because I am also a veteran, and although I have not experienced things that other veterans have, it could have easily been me,” she said. “I have full compassion for veterans and the homeless. There are some great programs going on right now, and we love working with individuals who want to help us meet our goals.”

A mother of four, Ashley moved to Conway ten years ago, and she bought a house in 2020. “I plan to stay here until all the kids are out of school and then see where life takes me,” she said. Life has taught her some valuable lessons that she would like to share with younger women. “Don’t compare your life or situation with anyone else’s. Everyone moves at a different pace, and you will get to where you’re going with hard work and dedication. Consistency is key. Don’t give up, especially when you want to.”

As a veteran, a mother, and a banker, she has looked around for role models. “Believe it or not, all the women that I see working and striving to move up in the world are an inspiration to me,” she said. “I believe women can do anything, and all it takes is putting your mind to it and doing your best to get the job done. When I see women in high places, it makes me believe that I, too, can get there one day.”