501 LIFE segment on KARK

The July “Movers and Shakers” edition of 501 LIFE will be highlighted on KARK Today on Channel 4 about 6:10 a.m. Thursday, June 26.

Each month, 501 LIFE publisher and editor Sonja Keith presents information about that month’s issue.

501 LIFE enlisted the help of readers and asked that they share their thoughts on “Movers and Shakers” — individuals who go above and beyond to help their community.

“This month, 501 LIFE recognizes those special individuals who give of their time and talents in the communities where they live,” Keith said. “We were very pleased with the responses we received."

“Readers were so inspired that they nominated co-workers or even family members. The ‘Movers and Shakers’ varied from school teachers and bankers to elected officials and community volunteers.”

Three of the nominated individuals – each from a different community – are highlighted in this edition:

Courtney Williams – A special education teacher in the Greenbrier School District.
Katherine Foust – A retired Morrilton business woman who is an “extreme volunteer.”
Wes Craiglow – A City of Conway employee who has put his military service to work to help those impacted at times of disaster through Team Rubicon.

“There were many great nominations, and 501 LIFE hopes to profile more ‘Movers and Shakers’ in the months ahead.”

The July edition began hitting the streets last week.

In addition to the live KARK broadcast, the segment can be seen on the station’s website – arkansasmatters.com.