501 LIFE photographer to offer two classes

501 LIFE Photographer Mike Kemp will be teaching two photography classes this fall.

Kemp, a photographer at the University of Central Arkansas, will be teaching the classes through the UCA Academic Outreach Department.

The classes will include instruction on camera skills needed to take the perfect photograph. Once students gain a solid understanding of the camera controls, the class will dive into shot composition, exposure, selecting lenses and using the flash.

Each week, the newfound knowledge will be put into practice and critiqued the following week as part of the learning process. Upon completion of this course, students will have the confidence to capture every moment in a variety of settings, including: sporting events, portraits, candid family moments and low-light events.

Participants should bring a film or digital camera. Single-lens, reflex cameras, with manual-exposure controls and interchangeable lenses, are preferred.

Photography: The Basics will be offered on Wednesday, Sept. 4, through Oct. 9. Photography: Advance Your Skills will be offered on Wednesday, Oct. 16 through Nov. 20.

For additional information and to register, visit uca.edu/outreach.