501 is turning 15

This month’s theme focuses on my three favorite aspects of life: faith, friends and family. Each is essential to a well-rounded life, and Arkansans value all three.

Few magazines will broach the subject of faith, let alone give space to stories about religious people and ministries. But 501 LIFE is a magazine that reflects the values of the people who live in Central Arkansas. We write about those who work hard, value their beliefs and hang out with friends and family on the weekends. In this issue, you’ll meet folks who work together to accomplish challenging goals, supporting one another and having a good time along the way.

That’s our story at 501 LIFE. We’re a team of high achievers who want each issue to be engaging, informative and entertaining. And next month the issue is devoted to celebrating our 15th year of publishing a monthly magazine. Looking back to our roots, we will revisit a story from each year dating back to 2008, and we’ll let you know where they are now. The colorful issue will feature some “back in the day” photos, surprising facts, and fresh stories to entertain and inspire you.

Our regular columnists will celebrate with us, and I want to invite our readers to be part of our 15th birthday edition. You are invited to answer any of these questions in an email or note to us by March 12:

1. What do you look forward to seeing in each issue?

2. Tell us about a particular story that stood out to you and why.

3. Why is 501 LIFE Magazine important to Central Arkansas life?

4. Or, send a congratulatory message!

Send an email to [email protected]. In the subject line, type BIRTHDAY.

After typing your response, please give us your name and phone number.

If mailing, send to: 501 LIFE Magazine, 920 Locust Suite 104, Conway, AR, 72034. 

I hope you will participate in this historic moment in the life of our positive publication! I also love to see your “Loving Life” photos, so continue to send those to [email protected].